Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Weekend Stuff

Last weekend was low key but a lot of fun. On Saturday Matt and I went shopping and then met up with the lovely Minjeong for dinner and dessert. I'm so fortunate to have such a wonderful partner teacher. ^^
We had delicious Indian cuisine and then spent some time in Baskin Robbins. We had the ice cream fondue, which was ridiculously exciting because it's something I would never order on my own. It was really fun and tasty! There were little balls of different flavors of ice cream and also a variety of fruits and cakes. The one strange part was that it came with two tomatoes! Okay, I know that a tomato is technically a fruit, but come on, who eats chocolate covered tomatoes?! Well Matt and Minjeong did and both said that it was pretty gross so I'm not sorry I missed out.
On Sunday we met with our book club to discuss A Spectacle of Corruption at a really swanky Italian restaurant called Mad for Garlic. The food was really good (we shared a pizza and a ceasar salad) and we had a lovely time discussing the book and life in general. I'm really looking forward to our next meeting in a couple weeks when we talk about The Road by Cormac McCarthy.
Possibly the best part was when Veronica (our fearless leader/founder) brought out tons of books that she was looking to get rid of. It was insane! So we ended up with three new books for free! SO awesome! Thanks Veronica!
Here's what we took home (also included is Stumbling on Happiness, our choice for the meeting after The Road- I'm really excited since it was my suggestion!):
Good stuff! As always, if there is anyone out there in the area looking to join a book club, shoot me an email. We meet every 2-3 weeks in the Gangnam area. We meet on Sundays and usually at a coffee shop (but occasionally a restaurant). The next two books are The Road (October 12) and then Stumbling on Happiness (October 26). We're both finished with The Road so I could even lend you our copy. ^^

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Carter said...

Ahhhh reading. I love it. Wish I could read for myself now... instead of the history of France.

Mad for Garlic!!! Oh my!!!! Sounds like my kind of restaurant!!!