Sunday, October 26, 2008


This week a lot of my students were asking about Halloween. They don't celebrate it in Korea but they all know about it and most kids that go to an English hagwon have experienced a Halloween party of sorts. Unfortunately for my students, our school is more serious than the average hagwon so there will be no party, just regular classes. I am going to sort of dress up and probably will buy some candy to pass out. I had an interesting conversation with one of my A1 classes on Friday.

Nick: Teacher, it's Halloween day soon! You must give me candy!
Other kids: Yeah!!!!! CANDY!
Me: Oh? You think so, eh?
Nick: Wait! No, I want MEAT!!!
Me: Whaaaa? Meat? Nick, are you a crazy boy?
Nick: Meat, meat, MEAT, meat, MEAT!!!
Other kids: [laughter] No!! Candy, candy Teacher! Not meat! Nick is crazy!!
Me: Maybe you guys should give me candy.
Nick: Okay! I give you candy and you give me MEAT.

Matt thinks I should bring a sausage or something just for Nick on Friday. Hahah.

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