Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Classroom Upgrade!

Things looked pretty grim last Monday but by Tuesday there were some major improvements (you might even say miracles). I attribute most of them to my amazing partner teacher and friend Min Jeong. I am so incredibly fortunate to have her and she totally fought and fixed a number of worrisome problems. So I was starting to feel better come Tuesday afternoon. And the week just seemed to get better from then on!
The best part of last week was when I came in on Thursday and found out that not only were they not moving me to B Level (which had been rumoured) but they had combined my Screen English classroom with my regular classroom. This means that now I have a pull down screen, a projector and a laptop with speakers at my disposal!! I won't have time to use those things during my regular classes but I will use it tonight for my Parents Class (they are after Screen English so everything will already be set up) and it means that I no longer have to scrounge for a computer or lug everything upstairs when I have to do all my paperwork. I am elated!

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