Saturday, October 18, 2008

I Love "Service"!

Anytime you get something for free they call it "service" here. There is a cheapie samgyupsal restaurant right by our apartment that we frequent. I suspect we are the only foreigners that eat there and as a result, we are known by all the staff. There is a new waiter and the last time I ate there (with Mi Eun and Kyeong) he was really interested in me. He's older and was wearing a wedding ring, so it wasn't anything romantic. Basically he is trying to learn English and is interested in Canada AND he thinks I'm cute (he didn't say that part but it's pretty obvious, plus, who doesn't think I'm cute? Yes, that is a rhetorical question.).

Last night Matt and I had dinner at that restaurant and my fan waiter was working. We ordered delicious cheesy rice after our main meal and at this point he came over to prepare it and gave us a service jjigae (spicy soup) and pineapple Fanta. Ahssa! I love free stuff! Then he turned our cheesy rice into a heart. This is one of the reasons why I love Korea. ^^ (By the way, the cheesy rice wasn't ready to eat at this point- you have to wait until the cheese melts. Trust me, it's delicious.)


Carter said...

That melted cheese on the pan looks delicious!!!

Anonymous said...

Is it as good as the rice that "they fry it up real nice"?

Carter said...

Also: pineapple Fanta?? YUM!! Sounds delicious!

ambearo said...

The rice was good, but not shabu shabu fried rice in Gimpo good... Why did you have to bring that up Steph!?!

And the melted cheese was amazing. The pineapple Fanta was okay but a bit sweet. But I would never complain about free stuff.