Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Grocery Run to Lotte Mart

Grocery shopping is old hat to us at this point. When we first arrived we wandered the aisles in amazement at all the strange and interesting things that could be purchased. There were a couple things that caught my eye when we went grocery shopping the other day at the local Lotte Mart.

The first was this adorable puppy that I wanted to steal. I settled on petting him a little bit and taking his picture. So sweet! It seems like everyone is getting a pet of some kind these days, except me. I guess I need to settle somewhere first though. Until then I will live vicariously through you all.

Next are some pictures actually inside Lotte Mart. A bit of helpful shopping advice and a match made in heaven- Spam and ketchup. Finally a marriage between two "foods" that I despise. Blech! Sorry for the low quality pictures- I was worried the Lotte Mart workers were going to yell at me for taking them.

Then I had to hurry and grab something to eat and get to work. I decided to keep with the Lotte theme and visited Lotteria. This is sort of the Korean version of McDonalds (although I prefer McDonalds). I think it's the second time I've ever eaten any food from Lotteria. It was okay, but nothing to get excited about. I did "injoy" it to a certain degree though. Since I bought my meal at lunch time I got a complimentary 'Shake Shake Chicken'. It was pretty weird and a little gross. Maybe I shouldn't have chosen the cheese flavoring though? Tough call. Hmm... This entry was a bit pointless. Too late now.

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