Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Long Weekend (October 3-5): Part 2

On Saturday we spent a large portion of our day lamenting about our lack of purpose in life and what we are going to do post-Korea. We were both depressed looking at the job prospects in Canada right now (how DO people live on those pathetic salaries?!). After we stopped sobbing into our pillows we decided to get out of the house and see the fireworks festival near Yeouido. First we stopped by a shop in Lotte World area and bought the world's most expensive gummy candies. Guess how much we paid for those 2 little bags? About $15. Yeah. Frick. But they were glorious and completely worth it so I could have coke bottles, fuzzy peaches, cherry blasters and a number of other sugary treats.

We hopped on the subway and made our way out to Yeouido. This was a stupid idea. There were atleast a million other people with the same stupid idea and I am not exaggerating at all. In fact, if anything I am underestimating how many people showed up to see the fireworks in Hangang Park. When we finally managed to emerge from the subway station they were already starting some fireworks, which didn't last that long. At this point I wanted to punch someone. We had barely seen anything because of all the trees and other people in our way!!

So we did what any self respecting adult would do in a situation like this. We scowled and sulked alot and ate a bunch of candy to ease our pain.

And this totally worked! The fireworks starting up again and while we still couldn't see that well we could see so all wasn't lost. The show was okay but we would have been better off staying home, if you ask me. The fireworks we saw at the Mud Festival last year and when we visited Busan were WAY better. Plus when we tried to go home it was almost impossible. I think it took us almost 3 hours to get back to our apartment. They had closed the subway station closest to the park and so we had to walk to the next one. And the police were only allowing people to enter through one of that station's exits and all the trains were packed. It was pure transportation hell.

Sunday was a better though because we met up with Andy. I'd been talking to him online for quite awhile but hadn't met him in person since he lives really far away. He's leaving Korea this week and returning home to Australia so it was nice to meet him before he left. We ate fabulous burritoes at Dos Tacos and then perused the English section at Kyobo books. We had deep conversations about things like flame throwers (everyone needs one!), hover boards and making clothing out of bacon. Excellent times!

If you want to see all the pictures from the long weekend then you should pop over here.


Anonymous said...

Ooo.... I think I have been to Busan ;)

Andy said...

It was good meeting up, and having a good chat. Damn you, Kevin Bacon!!!!

Carter said...

I love your guys' facial expressions and expressive poses!