Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Teaching Adults is Different

Look what one of the moms in my Parents Class brought. Steamed sweet potatoes! She actually grew these herself so they were extra special. It was an unexpected and pleasant surprise. I got to take the leftovers home for Matt (only after I promised to promptly return the Tupperware- which isn't on the list of Stuff Korean Moms Like but it should be).

The next day (since I teach this class on Monday and Tuesday) I obediently returned the Tupperware and our class started off on an interesting note. One mom shared that she enjoys romantic movies and another mom piped up, "Oh, you call it chick flicks, right?". So then I had to explain what 'chick flick' means. Without thinking I mentioned that action/guy movies are sometimes referred to as 'dick flicks'. This opened a huge can of worms. So my moms now know what a dick is and a number of other 'slang' terms for that body part. It was pretty hilarious and definitely a topic that I have never discussed with any other class. The funniest part? All the moms carefully copying the new vocabulary in their notebooks. Bwahaha!


Carter said...

Hmmm, I think my comment from earlier didn't go through.

What I said was I have never heard of the term "dick flick" before!! Thank you for teaching me!

ambearo said...

Really? Hmmm... Well I am teaching everyone this week. Just promise me you know what a dick is. ^.~ Hahah!

Bybee said...

That "Stuff Korean Moms Like" blog is hilarious!