Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Late Night Dinner

On Friday night we had a late, late dinner with some coworkers. You may recognize Anna (who looks menacing with the rice scoop) from the Spris Let's Rock Festival we went to.
Diana, our newest coworker, organized the meal. She's from Australia (in the striped shirt) and is really sweet. I feel bad because our schedules don't match and so I have barely seen her since she started. This was a good opportunity to spend some time together and hopefully we can hang out more in the future.
We ate at a restaurant that specialized in tofu and everyone ordered a different type of tofu filled stew. Mine was the tofu and mandu (dumpling) stew and everyone got a healthy portion of rice in a hot stone bowl. Yum! We all cracked an egg into the stew when it arrived. The eggs were in a little basket on the table and at first Diana and I thought they were fake decorations!

Of course the meal came with numerous side dishes. Actually it came with a couple whole fish, which isn't uncommon here. It reminded me of the days in the lunch room at Little Brown. Diana and I both dislike eating things with eyes so we covered our fish's eyes with cucumber. Then we thought that Matt and Seobom's fish looked cold so we gave it a gim (seaweed) blanket. Hehe.

I've come a long way in my eating habits since moving to Korea. Now I can tolerate really spicy dishes and actually look forward to eating gimchi! Canadian on the outside but Korean to the core. Here are a few more pictures from Friday night.


Carter said...

That food looks so delicious!!!

ambearo said...

It was!!!