Friday, October 17, 2008

I forgot to mention... the Parents Class went on Tuesday. You may remember that I gave some "homework" (their words, not mine) and asked the moms to bring a couple pictures or a souvenir and tell the class a little about their best/favorite vacation. Well, even though only 3 moms showed up I think it was a success. The moms took this task really seriously- one wrote a speech and another made a Power Point presentation! Whoa! They were all really cute. After each person shared about their vacation and showed the pictures I let the other people ask questions. Here was my favorite conversation of the class:

Mom 1: So where did you stay while you were on your vacation?
Mom 2: Oh, uhhh, just at a local hotel (says the name in Korean).
M1: Ahhh, did you make a baby?
M2: No, because my husband, uh, (Korean phrases), ummmm, surgery. [gestures at her lap]
M1: I understand. I want my husband to get that but he is a lazy boy.
Me: Tell him to stop being lazy! Say that I told him he needs to get a vasectomy!
M1: [laughing] Okay, I will text message him right now.
M2: Ahh! "Get a vasectomy"! [frantically starts writing this in her notebook.]

Cue to me laughing wildly. And then I taught them the word 'vasectomy' and had to answer a number of vasectomy related questions while they furiously copied the new vocabulary in their notebooks. This class is so different from any other class I've ever taught. When it ended Mom 2 pulled out her camera and we all took pictures together. She's supposed to email them to me and print hard copies too. Hehehe.

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Carter said...

That's classic. I love it! Oh, I just saw the pictures of that boy in the hat and the striped shirt. I must go read that entry!