Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Long Weekend (October 3-5): Part 1

I seem to have gotten ahead of myself but I was really excited about the new computer in my room so I skipped writing about the long weekend. October 3rd was a national holiday in Korea, Foundation Day. We've been working hard lately so we really needed a break.

After work on Thursday night we went out for shabu shabu with Min Jeong and then ended up at a fun bar called The Wild Bunch where we were pampered with free nachoes AND a free fruit platter! Also there was an awesome show put on by the bartenders which included fire and the creation of 2 fancy drinks (and I was given one of them for free- it was delicious). It was a fun night and a good way to unwind after the work week.

This month there is a huge Autumn Hi Seoul Festival going on so we wanted to check out some of the festivities. On Friday we tried to go out for the opening ceremonies but we missed a large portion of it because we were at the wrong pavilion. Apparently there were two different festivals going on at the exact same time within a few blocks of eachother. D'oh.
As a result of the mix up we spent a bunch of time at the Salvation Army 100th anniversary celebration festival. It was not as fun as it sounds. Yeah.

We ended up finding the festival we wanted to see which included performances by a symphoney orchestra, the Korean National Ballet company, a concert pianist and an opera singer. It was a bit hard to see but was a nice time. We randomly bumped into some other teachers that live and teach closeby to us. Small world! It was bizarre to see a horse drawn carriage amidst the traffic in Seoul too.

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