Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Shopping Ahssa!

As mentioned, I did some shopping last weekend. Here's what I ended up with:
Fabulous new shoes! I'm having a bit of a shoe crisis and so it was time to get some new everyday shoes. You can't really tell but they are brown, not black. Super cute and really Korean style. Haha! Also they have strange "double tongues" which makes no sense to me, but whatever.

And new nail stickers! I chew my fingernails so I can do manicures but I make up for it with pedicures. It's a shame that I'm not allowed to wear flip flops at work (and they I don't have any nice sandals) because it means that my fantastic pedicures are often hidden. I think my students would get a big kick out of them. I'm really excited about the monkey ones. So adorable! Unfortunately they were really expensive so I couldn't get the other cute ones from the same manufacturer. Darn! They had pandas!

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