Saturday, May 17, 2008

Happy Teacher's Day!

We've had a pretty busy week since Ali and Byrun left on Tuesday. I must have been having sympathy pains (or else our bed just sucks) since my back has been bothering me all week. I even got acupuncture for the first time ever (and since I have health insurance I paid half the rate- $7) but it didn't help much. I'm starting to feel better but it meant that we had to cancel our big weekend plans to go with our book club to Gumi. (T T) Another time, maybe.
Thursday was Teacher's Day and I didn't really have high hopes since we don't know our students as well as we knew the ones last year and last year was pretty outstanding. I did get some thoughtful little presents though. A lot of carnations, some small snacks, a couple of face washes- one made from green tea and another peach scented, some green tea vitamins, a large basket of flowers that I'm keeping on my desk, some awesome magnets I put on my fridge already. And then my favorite gift, and most surprising since it came from a student that just changed classes and therefore I no longer teach him. I got some Anna Sui cosmetics! I'm not much of a cosmetics or a designer type of girl but this was pretty cool. I have a gorgeous compact and a lip gloss that doubles as a phone charm. It's on my phone now and is a flattering color, unlike the infamous tangerine lip gloss I received last Teacher's Day. I hope everyone had a great Teacher's Day!

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