Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Most Pointless Balcony and Some Random Konglish...

We just finished up a long weekend since Monday was Children's Day. Matt and I spent Saturday together, just hanging out, bumming around and having a nice time. We ate at our favorite Indian restaurant (aka the only good one we've found) and noticed a few interesting things during the day.
For example look at these balconies. How silly are they? I guess it's nice if you want to put some plants outside but otherwise what good is it? To taunt you and serve as a constant reminder that you have no access to the outdoors in your tiny apartment?

Check out this shirt. Matt and I figure it's the most emo shirt in Korea. It could only be more emo if it was black with black writing.

We wanted to watch a movie but unfortunately only total crap was playing. This one looked interesting but alas, it was in Korean. I really wonder how regindary the libido is. It sounds like a compelling tale.

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