Wednesday, May 28, 2008

General Goings On...

The last couple of weekends have been fun but more on the mellow side. The weekend before last we were supposed to go to Gumi with our book club but I was a lousy cripple so we did a lot of resting and then spent some time with Dana and Curtis playing board games. I even snuck in a little Guitar Hero. Last weekend started off a bit late. It's the end of the month here, which is by far the busiest and most hectic part of our job. We have to get our syllabus finished, give tests and then mark all the tests, do our report cards, etc, etc... You get the idea. So even though I was really looking forward to the weekend I was busting my butt at work until almost 10:30pm on a Friday night. Then I waited around a little for Matt and we went off and finally ate supper. Yeah, I know. Crappy.
We got home at a half decent time after having some chicken galbi. We mooned over the cute puppies at the pet shop (they all wanted to go home with us) and wondered just how "happy" the happy happy hour could be at a bakery.

Saturday we headed over to Gangnam to browse around and then hang out with Margot Teacher. We arrived a little earlier than she did so we had time to do a little bit of shopping. I saw this cute t-shirt that made me think of Stephie but I didn't buy it.
We had some delicious smoothies from Smoothie King (summer is definitely coming- it has been so humid-ugh!) and ended up in Uniqlo. I have to admit, I've never really been in this store but Carter says it's her favorite. I have basically resigned myself to the fact that I can't find clothing (at least not reliably enough to count on it) when I am in Korea so I always bring what I think I will need for the year. Last year I lost weight so I had to get rid of a lot of clothes and then when I was in Canada it was fall/winter so I wasn't able to really replace a lot of my cooler weather clothes. As a result, I have no capris and basically my summer wardrobe consists of a bunch of cotton skirts I found here in the subway last year. At Uniqlo I felt like I was back in North America. They had sizes!! Not a huge selection of sizes (it's pretty obvious they overstock the XS and S) but actual sizes! And best of all, fitting rooms! I ended up finding casual capri pants on sale for $10 and a cute top for $5. Ahssa!!! Matt also got a shirt but his was regular price ($30) but still. So exciting!!
At this point we'd found Margot and were chatting it up when I noticed that we were in the same area as the English speaking fortune teller that I'd gone to months ago. Matt decided to give it a shot. Highlights included the guy telling Matt that now that he's 30 (Korean age) he's considered to be in the ajoshi category (old man), that in 7 years he'll start making a lot of money so I need to watch him because he might cheat on me and that a good time for us to make a baby is this month or next month! To which Matt replied, "That won't work- when does the next baby bus arrive?". I thought Margot was going to die from choking on her laughter. It also confirmed what we have all long suspected, Matt is a woman inside. That works out since apparently I am a man inside.

We had dinner at Big Rock (yum burgers!) and then watched Indiana Jones 4. I have to say I really liked it but I know it's not because it's an awesome movie. Really I could go on at length at what I didn't like but because I have such love for the original three it was great seeing Indiana back in action. I have to say though, I want to slap George Lucas. He should be banned from using CG. We did not need CG animals, really, we didn't. I'm sure he had CG everything and Steven [Speilberg] was only able to reign him in so much and settled for some gophers and monkeys. Hell, I don't even like Star Wars but I mourn for what George did to the last 3 of them with his overproduction. I like Ebert's review of the movie. I think he's right about his sausage analogy.

Anyway, Sunday I had lunch at a delicious Thai restaurant with my sisterfriend Rachel. She's so adorable and like a little sister to me. She just starting dating for the first time so we had lots of girl talk. Good times. We'll have to get together again for a double date or maybe some more norae, even though she blows everyone out of the water.

So there you have it, we haven't been up to a lot. It's getting really sticky and humid. Matt's mystery black lung seems to be going away but he still has yet to find a decent doctor around here. We're busy with work and need to plan our summer vacation trip to Beijing/Shaghai. We've got the plane tickets and that's about it. What are you up to?


Anonymous said...

I LOVE ballet lessons and I LOVE you.

Carter said...

How did they figure out Matt was a woman inside? Bwahahaha!!!!

Last year Uniqlo totally sucked because they started bringing in all these "Designers" and their stuff went up in price but this year, I feel they redeemed themselves with the Astroboy designer. As long as it's a designer I like, you know. ;)