Thursday, May 22, 2008

Most Shocking T-Shirt EVER!

Man, I really wish I'd taken a picture of it but I was seriously so outdone. Plus at that moment I'd done something stupid to my camera (which I figured out how to fix luckily). I ran to work and immediately told Garrett about it because I had to tell someone. Our conversation:

A: Dude, I just saw the MOST RACIST shirt in the whole world.
G: Really?! Racist against whom?

What did the shirt say? Well it was in giant capital letters, "I F*CKING HATE..." and then went on to list every racial/ethnic slur I'd ever heard of and possibly some new ones. And at the end it said, "AND ESPECIALLY (the N word)!!!". Ohmigod! I did a quadruple take. I don't think you could create a more offensive shirt if you tried! So who was wearing this extreme fashion statement? An adorable lady cheerfully riding a bicycle. I wonder what she would say if she only knew...


Andy M said...

Did it have "Koreans" in it's list? lol

It could be a statement about hating racism... but, in Korea, not many people know about tolerance and racism. hehe

ambearo said...

Well not "Koreans" but it had some more colorful words that would have included them... lol

I have no idea what the statement was or where they found that text or WHY they slapped it on a shirt. It sure made my walk to work interesting though!

Carter said...

Updates!! I want updates!! sob, sob.