Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Work Post

So we're almost 5 months into our contract. What this means is that now I've gone through a whole rotation for the Tuesday Thursday classes and so more of my students will be leveling up and next month I'll receive some new ones. It also means that now I know what kind of work I have to do to fix my program and make them the best I can with what I have. So I have to fix a lot of the Big Tests in the next little while. I could have just said nothing I suppose but I'm a bit of a perfectionist. Anyway in other work news, Matt is getting switched to a different level which is relieving to him since he's had a lot of grief with one of his levels and he also has the most students so he is constantly marking essays, trying to squeeze in phone tests, presentations, etc. There are also murmurs that he will receive a small raise as compensation for his troubles but I'll believe it when I see it.
I took some general pictures the past couple days. Here you can see Vicky, who actually recently transferred from our Seocho branch. And you can also see her classmates, Betty (pink) and Julie. I have a lot of fun with my "Ee" class (say their names and you'll understand why I call them this). It's nice having all girls. Betty's actually going to Vancouver for about a month and a half on an exchange this summer. Julie is the student that swapped erasers with me so I have the awesome popsicle eraser.

Next you can see why I like teaching the lower level kids. I actually can define some stuff with my pathetic Korean vocabulary. Hahah!

One of my students gave me this cute sticker to put on my attendance folder. The top part means "smile" and the bottom part means "I'm happy". Cute! I don't know why the first picture is turned the wrong way since it's not like that in my picture folder. Stupid Blogger.

You can tell it's humid when my hair is left curly/wavy. Yeah it's going to be a long summer, I predict. Also you can kind of see my new shirt in this picture.

Work is going okay and we are basically just counting the days to summer vacation like everyone else. Heheh.


Anonymous said...

Awww! Even with Tina Turner hair my SISTA MISTA is still sooo BEAUTIFUL!

Carter said...

Yes you are gorgeous!!!

ambearo said...

*^^* Thanks guys... Awww shucks.

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