Saturday, May 10, 2008

Adventures in Listening Success

I've figured out how to upload music files on the internet. Well, this isn't a music file, but it is pretty damn funny. This is an excerpt from my B1 "Listening Success" book that I use in school. For this assignment the children are supposed to write a summary, divided into "beginning, middle, and end" phases along with the "main idea". Typically these assignments are divided into A and B passages where either A or B has some moral deficiency and the other is a wonderful Christian being of light. You should totally click on the link below and download this wma file. It's really easy and well worth it. See if you can guess which is the positive and which is the negative on this CD track!


Anonymous said...

Amber is doing a great job, I don't think ANYONE could ever do what she has done over the last 2 years!!


ambearo said...

Thanks Diane. It's really cute that you commented on this entry and not the other one. Heheh. <3