Saturday, May 03, 2008

Two Things That Brightened My Day

I think you should always try to find joy in the small things. Here's a couple things that made me smile lately. You know the building they knocked down? Well, they are building something new there and they put up these temporary walls that were drab and gray to cover the site. On my way to work I saw that they had hired some women to paint the walls and transform them from eyesore to beautiful!

The other thing that brightened my day is more significant. I didn't just smile when I realized it, I audibly cheered. As I've mentioned, Korea is not the most bread friendly place. Yeah, they have a bakery on every block but they see bread as a dessert rather than a diet staple that can be healthy. Bagels, my favorite breakfast food, are almost impossible to find. E-mart sells them but we don't have an E-mart nearby and they sell them in packs of 3 or 5 and they are pretty expensive. I found some small, dense ones at Lotte Mart but they are in the bakery section and cost over a dollar per bagel (and they aren't even full size bagels!!). But look what I discovered (and I know this is a new product because I've walked by this section a lot) on our last grocery trip. FROZEN BAGELS!!! I bought the bag without knowing if they would be any good, if they would be full size and without knowing how many were inside. They were a decent price (about 4,000 won which is decent for bagels) and when I opened them up I was delighted to find that they are full size, delicious and that the bag has six. I bought blueberry this time but I'll have to try the other flavors now that I know they are real bagels. The company must have created them just for me because they offer blueberry, plain and onion. None of those disgusting raisin bagels I hate.

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customtrainsusa said...

Life would suck without bagels.
My sister had a really neat face painted on a wall across from her college apartment that I used to admire, and then they built townhouses that blocked it out. I at least take solace in the fact that that little guy is not going to get painted over any time soon.