Saturday, May 17, 2008

Claw Machine Goodies

We mentioned claw machine wins in the past (this is where we got our sacred Jesus lighter). Well we tried our luck again at a different machine while Ali and Byrun were there and with a couple small Korean boys watching. Matt was on fire and managed to win twice spending only a dollar. The little boys were thoroughly impressed and we weren't sure exactly what we won. It turned out to be car air freshener fan things and a couple of "Love Letters". We didn't know what this meant so I opened one (to make sure it wasn't inappropriate to give to the kids) and it turned out to be the hugest eraser ever! I wanted to keep an eraser but we'd already given them to the kids so we went back later to try to get one for me.
There were some Koreans out with their adorable baby and they watched as Matt failed to win anything. Then one of the guys in the group tried his luck and was a winner. They gave the prize to us (aww claw machine karma!) and exclaimed "Friend!". It was really sweet. The prize totally cracked me up though. Look at that watch!! The pictures really don't do it justice. It's fuzzy leopard print with brassy/gold and rhinestones. Hot. I also got a large eraser but it's not as giant as the ones we gave away. Such is life. We decided to be funny and the next morning we told Ali we bought her the watch as a present. Bwahaha! She was totally gracious and didn't bat an eye. Then we confessed it was a claw machine watch and she was so relieved. Hahah!


Anonymous said...

Amber! Why didnt I get a fuzzy leopard watch in my Korea package?? LAME MAN, LAME!

ambearo said...

I didn't have it then, don't worry, you can have it.