Friday, May 16, 2008

Catching Up- Seoul Friendship Festival

It's been a busy week. Last time I blogged I mentioned we were on our way to the Friendship Fair and then off to pick up Ali and Byrun from the airport. I guess I'll talk about the Friendship Fair first.
It was a lovely day and if you've been reading my blog in the long term you would remember that I went to this fair/festival last year (alone).
The layout was a bit different than last year but it was still really good. The new layout meant that the food/shopping area was further away so I wasn't crazy about that. The food selection seemed better than last year but the shopping didn't thrill me. In fact, I bought nothing which is pretty amazing. It was a beautiful day though and I bought some pirogies. Unfortunately they were filled with sauerkraut and not potato and cheeses. Damn!

We had some good food, lounged in the sun and watched some interesting cultural performances. There were fantastic dancers (just like last year) but probably the highlight was the bizarre Polish showcase. It involved high school students singing the Beatles and doing interpretive dance routines. Not sure what this says about Polish culture but Koreans love the Beatles so it was a big hit. It would have been horrific if the kids hadn't actually been singing (and they were great singers so it was okay). Strange.
Oh and I have to throw this hilarious picture in. I was able to capture it a moment before the kid ran off somewhere. He was quite the "styling trend setter of metro sexual" though.

After spending time at the Friendship Fair we hopped on the subway and headed towards Incheon International Airport!


Carter said...

Your hair looks so nice!! You look so pretty!!!

ambearo said...

Awww thanks Carter! <3