Saturday, May 17, 2008

Humorous Finds

We saw this t-shirt when we went to pick up the air mattress and had lunch with Dana, Curtis and Curtis' parents in Bundang. Either it makes no sense OR it's talking about Korean pop sensation Rain. He's so in now that Stephen Colbert is talking about him.

The next one is more a tragically named product than actual Konglish. A tip to the manufacturers, "Acnes" isn't the best name for a face cleanser. I certainly wouldn't want to smear Acnes all over my face.


Eddie said...

I think that shirt is from the infamous "Rain Like Sushi" haiku that goes something like this:

Rain like Sushi and
I like Sushi, but I don't
like Rain (the singer).


ambearo said...

Dude, that haiku just made my weekend. Bwahaha! <3

Bybee said...

I saw the Acnes product in E-Mart. I noticed that it's put out by Mentholatum, an American product...wonder if it's back there. Must ask my spies... The only reason I can think of for the unfortunate name is that even the dumbest teen could find it for their alilment.