Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Long Awaited Teacher's Day Entry

Last Tuesday was Teacher's Day which meant that we were given many interesting and lovely gifts by the very generous children and their parents. It was quite the event and I took some pictures of the gifts that Matt and I were given. Some gifts were quite elaborate, like the MASSIVE flower arrangement that the Dragon kids gave Matt and Kelly (which stayed at the school).
Look at this thing! It's the biggest flower arrangement I've ever seen. It came with a brochure from the flower shop and apparently you can buy bouquets of 100 and even 365 roses for your sweetie! WHY? Crazy flower murderers! That's an entire forest of flowers you're sacrificing.

Anyway, we didn't just get live flowers- Matt got a mighty fine bouquet of balloon flowers too. Oh and one of my little boys gave me a box filled with homemade cookies (and a couple slices of pecan pie) that he made with his Mom. Awww! He wrote me a little letter too and somehow managed to misspell his name. Hehehe.

Here's a picture of all of the other gifts we got.
A breakdown of what is shown in the picture: more flowers, a perfume set, a notebook and folder, a plastic fan, 3 kinds of tea, fancy soap, a box of mud masks, a wallet/key holder, deodorant (although I wasn't given any specifically Joi did give me the ones she was given), a lotion and body wash set, Bobbi Brown lip gloss, dangly gold earrings, a Minnie Mouse hair tie, chocolate, honeyed ginseng, a phone charm, some gift certificates and many cards and notes. I wish it was Teacher's Day everyday!

The chocolate and the honeyed ginseng came from my old Brian and he was so sweet when he gave it to me. Imagine, Brian giving chocolate to anyone!?! He HAS to love me! I want you to look at this picture of the ginseng though and tell me that it doesn't remind you of a pack of cigarettes.

When I first opened the present I did a double take. I was like, okay the leather headband was one thing but cigarettes!? And I don't even smoke AND it's frowned upon for women to smoke here in general. It's the same size and shape as a cigarette box. Craziness. Chocolate and cigarettes, oh Brian, you've outdone yourself!

Another interesting gift that deserves to be highlighted is my Minnie Mouse hair tie. I've never seen anything like it before. I took a picture of it with the pack of gum to give you an idea of it's size.
It is very large and shiny and comes with it's own certificate of authenticity! This also lists what it is made of which includes sterling silver, brass (plating platinum), stainless steel and 14k gold. What?!? I think the mommies are trying to give me a makeover. Also, the Bobbi Brown lipgloss (which is a lovely gift and very high quality) is in the shade of tangerine. Hmm. I'll have to get all dolled up in all of my gifts and maybe wear a bunch of layers, some spandex leggings and some heels and then I'll really be Korean!


Carter said...

Now are you satisfied with all your loot? or do you want more??? ;)

ambearo said...

I am insatiable with presents. I always want MORE MORE MORE! hahah.

Faerynight said...

I would to see some pictures of you in your hair tie with tangerine lipstick and lots of spandex!!!