Saturday, May 12, 2007

Hat Day!

Yesterday we had another Theme Day at school and this time it was all about the hats or 모자 (moeja), as they are called in Korean. I saw a lot of baseball caps, sun visors and even a few straw hats but I was not prepared for what McQueen brought. You may remember him from the crazy fire gear post last month.

He's not looking too impressed in the picture but all the kids went nuts over this crazy hat. Where do his parents buy these things?!? Seriously? These are not the sorts of things you find in a regular store.

All my kids were really cute though. Here are a few highlights and a trusty link to my Photobucket so you can see them all.


Carter said...

That tv hat is so freaking awesome. But the little boy with the train conductor's hat is so cute too.

ambearo said...

Yeah the TV hat is something.

And that's my little Andy wearing my hat. Heheh.