Thursday, May 17, 2007

Disaster Strikes Unexpectedly!

Look what happened yesterday!
Noooooo!!! How will I live through the rainy season?

I know you are asking how did this happen? Well, I was on one of my major huge breaks when this adorable boy approached me.

Oh Daniel, you are so adorable and fun. If I wasn't betrothed to Charles you would be my boyfriend. Every time I see him he runs up and hugs me and wants to play. The kid LOVES to play! So he and Jun begged me to play with them and so we went down to the gym to play tag. We were running and being general idiots and my feet got a bit sweaty and then I slipped and it was all over. Good bye Crocs. I guess I should be impressed at how much I messed up the shoes. So now they are gone and in the trash and I need to think about finding some replacements. I wanted to get a pair in black anyway so now I just have to figure out where to get some. It's not supposed to start hardcore raining for another month or more so I have some time. Hmmm... Needless to say, tag was pretty much over (I played in bare feet for awhile) because then I had to call Matt and ask him to bring me more shoes so I didn't have to teach and walk home like that.


Carole said...

How is your Croc pink in one photo and purple in another?

Kirsty Bryce said...

It is merely a trick of the light, my dear.

ambearo said...

KB is right. I took these pictures in the office at school before I trashed them and it has fluorescent lighting. Not the most awesome lighting for taking pictures.