Sunday, May 13, 2007


Can someone please explain this to me? Why are these trees on life support? There are so many trees around here and only these four are hooked up to IVs.


Natty said...

Maybe it is a message? The kind of thing that uni students do here! Or environmental types! I think it is cool!

ambearo said...

I would totally agree with you if we weren't talking about Korea. No one in this area is environmental or controversial or anything of the like. It's all families with kids around here and I check and the bags are actually connected to the trees so something is slowly draining into them. So weird!

Carole said...

Perhaps it is quite the opposite to wanting to savethe trees, maybe it is herbicide that is actually dangerouse to Humans if exposed to the open air and thus they must put it directly into the tree very slowly.