Saturday, May 12, 2007

Seoul Magic Festival

Last Sunday we decided to venture really, really deep into Seoul. To an area/neighbourhood that we'd never been to before to see the Magic Festival. As it turns out, that neighbourhood really had nothing to do in it other than go to the open stage where the festival was held. This was unfortunate because it was more like a magic show than a real festival so we had to buy tickets and then wait around a few hours until the show started. We had some sushi, wandered around, Matt got a haircut and basically did nothing interesting at all.

The lobby was filled with some fun magic tricks that you could try out yourself. There were people making balloon animals and stuff too. It really seemed geared towards kids but that was okay. Most of the tricks in the lobby were pretty simple to figure out but there is one I still can't figure out.

Seriously, how do they do this one?

The magic show itself wasn't too bad and the language barrier wasn't a problem since the magicians didn't talk (one was even an American) and the host's banter was pretty easy to understand, even if it was in Korean. There were five magicians in total, 3 Korean, 1 American and 1 Japanese woman. We had a fun time but we both were feeling a bit blue and homesick that day and agreed that most of the time when we go out on these little day trips it's because they are interesting and we're having a great time experiencing Korea. Occasionally though, and this was the case for the Magic Festival, we go out and do stuff just to keep ourselves occupied so that we don't just sit around and wallow in missing our loved ones in Canada. You can see a few more pictures here but nothing too exciting since no pictures were allowed during the actual magic show.

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