Saturday, May 12, 2007

Around Gimpo.

I am really enjoying spring here. On my break between kindergarten and elementary I like taking a walk around the lake. Right now the rice field is pretty disgusting looking but I guess this is what it takes to grow the rice. The other day we were walking with the kids and saw a farmer ankle deep in the mud raking away (it was funny too because the kids know the word farmer and they kept yelling "Hello Farmer!").

It's basically a sea of mud and gunk.

I got Matt to create a pink snowstorm for me by shaking this tree. Fun times! And then we walked through my favorite place.

As I may have mentioned, May 24th is a national holiday in honor of Buddha's birthday and across from our school is a Buddhist University. There are colored lanterns up everywhere and yesterday they put up a giant Buddha at the front gate and it lights up too!

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