Friday, May 11, 2007

Oh my word!

Teacher's Day is fast approaching (May 15th) and today I was given my very first gift. Grace's Mom brought Paige and I some thoughtful handpicked gifts enclosed in some very swanky looking gift bags. So there was no mistake she had carefully written our names on the bags to ensure the correct gift reached the correct teacher. My present actually took my breath away when I opened it. Here are a few pictures of me modeling it (I know I look tired, it's been a long week so give me a break).
Did you do a double take? It's possible that the picture doesn't properly represent the true glory of my brand new double stranded braided white leather headband. Who makes these things? (Answer: the brand Evita Peroni) Who buys these things? (Answer: Grace's Mommy) And most importantly, who wears these things? (Answer: ME NOW!!!) I am so amused (and not in a snide, unappreciative kind of way). I feel like I should be hanging out with Duran Duran or going on tour during the classic Bon Jovi days. It's time for some hair metal or some tapered acid-washed jeans. Braided white leather!!

It makes me wonder, why was this gift carefully chosen especially for me? Did she let little Grace pick it out or did she think this was my kind of style? I had no idea I had an empty braided white leather headband void in my life until I came to Korea. I am ready to take any new hairstyle suggestion as long as it incorporates my new headband. Oh and for the record, Paige got a very normal looking black beaded headband and when I opened my present Paige thought it was a necklace! Other people were given gifts early too. Joi was given some grapefruit body wash as a present but I think my present is more personal and memorable. Bring on Teacher's Day- I'm primed, stoked and wearing my 80s headband!

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