Thursday, May 03, 2007

Norae Bang the Night Away

On Saturday, April 21st we went out with Eddie and Gisela to have a massive birthday celebration for Eddie. We ventured to Myeongdong in hopes of finding the stellar norae bang that Matt and I stumbled upon months ago. All other norae bangs had the same batch of English songs but this one had way more and a lot of really new songs. First we went to a really delicious Italian restaurant where we both ordered the "Couple Set" which included a number of courses and dessert for a fairly reasonable price. We also got a bottle of wine. Yum. Then we searched out and found the norae bang! Unfortunately they put us in a different room and this one just had the standard book. Matt and I have norae bang-ed a vast number of times but this was their first time. I was glad we could be there not only for Eddie's birthday but also to witness the loss of their norae bang virginity.

We may have had a drink or two and we may have had the longest marathon norae bang ever. Nothing can truly be confirmed. The time would tick down and then suddenly it would shoot back up again! My theory is that we were so awesome that they couldn't bear to make us leave. We stayed so long that we had to start buying the gross Korean liquor (but luckily they then brought in complimentary nuts and chocolate rocks so we used them as a chaser) and that the subways stopped running and we ended up getting a hotel room. There are a lot of good pictures but my favorite thing is the video I took of Eddie singing Whitney Houston's "The Greatest Love of All". The entire song is pretty emotional but the crowning moment for me was when he belted out the line, "No matter what they take from me they can't take away my dignity". I think that sums up the night pretty well. And no, I won't be releasing the video since he took one of Gisela and me singing "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun". Until I get the upper hand on blackmail material the video will have to remain for private viewing only. I will release the pictures though. Here are a couple highlights.
Like I mentioned, the subways were closed and instead of taking a cab we stayed in an actual hotel. It was pretty sweet. I was tempted to take this for the school though so that we could have a real descending lifeline.

Korea may be way ahead in the electronic technology department but we are really kicking their asses with our fire safety equipment. Your fancy computers and cell phones aren't going to save you if there's a fire!


Carole said...

I miss you both. You are both so funny!! Maybe I can have Jois job???

ambearo said...

We miss you too!! I'm sure you could have Joi's job but if you are wanting to come to Korea then you probably could find a better job that would mean you work less, get paid more and don't have roommates. It would be awesome to have you living with us though- we could tip the Canadian: American ratio!