Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My painting!


I'm making a painting for a friend and I wanted to make this lady's toga a little yellow, but I just botched it and made it super ugly. Then I tried to touch things up with India ink, but I spilled the ink on the painting! Now my hands are all black and inky and I don't even want to look at my painting.
I'm going to go sulk now.


Lynn Bruce said...

Hi Matt & Amber, I just wanted to tell Matt that I enjoyed his play. I saw it friday night in Ft. St. John. Looks like you guys are enjoying Korea

Anonymous said...

AhSa (Means "YES/AWESOME" in Korean)
Thanks Lynn.

Carole said...

Oh Matt, you should be the principal, or at the very least the dad on Malcome in the Middle. You both seem similar..

I put this here so you would read it, in case you don't go back and check responses on Kristy's site