Saturday, May 12, 2007

Around Gimpo part two.

On Thursday Joi and I saw some amazing things. For example, we saw a man carrying a refrigerator by himself on his back. I wasn't fast enough to take a picture and he'd set it down by the time I got the camera out. It was a giant box marked in English as 'refrigerator' and there were two straps that he slid his arms through and sort of wore it like a giant backpack. Crazy!

Then we saw the window washers in the above picture and later (when we were in Itaewon having dinner) we saw this restaurant and since I am immature I took a picture and giggled about it. Hoor! Hehehe.

Of course, hoor probably means very delicious food in Hindi or something or else it's an unfortunate person's last name. I still think it's funny though.

Later on the subway we saw the most hilarious and bizarre Korean men! I sneakily took a video of them but it totally didn't do their craziness justice so I will just describe them, I guess. Both were tall and really skinny and they had strange hair (one with hair to the shoulder with very blunt bangs and the other had short hair which he styled so it stuck up straight in the front). The kept primping and posing and styling in the subway, fixing their hair. It was really a spectacle. The bang guy had huge crazy glasses and tapered leg black pants that were sort of like Hammer pants and the crotch sagged below his knees. He also had a tight white t-shirt and a black bandanna tied around his neck. The other guy had white pants and a white bandanna and his t-shirt was black but it had all these fake rips in it that curled over a bit. He had his bandanna folded and threaded through one of the "tears" in his shirt. He also had a black skull necklace on. I wish I'd taken pictures of these clowns!

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