Monday, March 26, 2007

Tired and Frustrated

So I don't often post many work related gripes but with Lewis being gone and no new teacher in sight things are a bit grim. I am quite exhausted even though I only taught one extra class. However, that did mean that I had no breaks throughout elementary and taught 6 classes straight and my "break time" between kindergarten and elementary was spent frantically prepping for things. This also means that I am teaching 20 elementary class periods a week aka Winter Intensive part 2 and our overtime pay is the shits. On top of that on Tuesdays and Thursdays when I used to get a bit of a break and was off at a half decent time (4:30pm) I now work until 6pm indefinitely. Or as Mr. Rhie cryptically stated "Until I find a replacement teacher- Korean OR Native.". Wow, I am sure someone will be flying into Korea lickety split and even if they did, where are they supposed to live? We may call it the spare room but it is *ours* and I don't think 5 adults could comfortably cohabit here. I suppose Matt and I could be moved into our own apartment, which wouldn't be too bad except I don't want to be shoved into a glove compartment without any dishes, pots, pans or furniture. Especially since Stephie and Alison are coming to visit us in July. I am getting ahead of myself.

Today I think I was most frustrated with Mr. Rhie when he pulled his daughter, Isabel, out of my class because she was crying. Now, I am not a child psychology expert, but I have a psychology degree, 3 younger siblings and lots of experience with children. Isabel has basically been raised in the school and up until now she has had free reign of it. She could come and go as she pleased and the rules were few and far between. Since starting school (I might add, the first few days she was okay) she has taken to screaming and crying her head off any time she is brought within 5 feet of the classroom. Sometimes her mom will sit in the class with her but usually they just let her leave and go back to doing whatever she wants. This has gone on for about 3 weeks now and her behavior is getting progressively worse. I know it isn't a dislike of me since the moment school has ended she is hugging and playing with me and attempting to get my attention in some way. The problem is that she is allowed to leave when she wants to. If you teach her that if she doesn't want to do something she can cry and scream and then you'll come and save her then she will never, ever stay in class. Not just this class, but pretty much any class in this school. The other kids cry sometimes but we comfort them and move on.

Anyway, this morning I decided to take action and while she was sobbing her head off I scooped her up and took her to class. She cried, this is a fact, but then she realized it didn't matter and no one was coming and she stopped. She regained some crying energy and started again and then stopped again. Things were going just as I expected but she was starting to get the picture (and was pouting, I might add). Then she found one last burst of insolent energy and let a good loud scream out- and Mr. Rhie came running and removed her from the class. I tried to talk to him and explain things to him but he is adamant that Isabel isn't ready and is too young and it's too stressful and all this garbage that I do not agree with. The times she has decided to participate in class she has been on the same level as every other student and has done great. The problem is she hasn't learned that she has to stay in class, just like everyone else. No special treatment. So I was pretty upset and a bit insulted at his decision. You hire me to do a job and then don't trust me enough to let me do it? All I want is 3 days, uninterrupted and without interference and that's all it will take. She will get the picture and may try the crying thing a couple more times (just to make sure it still doesn't work) but as long as no one caters to that behavior it will not be a problem. So frustrating!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, must block out angry thoughts. Here's a cute picture of me when I was a bit younger than Isabel. My cute will block out her evil, yes, that's right. Plus everyone can have a chance to see a child that was as good, pure and practically perfect as ever has been created.


Kirsty Bryce said...

I think the resemblance to your mother is very strong in this picture.

Trav said...

Yeah right, you were definitly not a pure perfect child, u were evil in very many ways have u told anyone about your sleep walking "incidents" or how you and jac played a game called "I will shove your head through a wall" but anyways I will agree you were somewhat cute however I was cuter.

Muahaha yours truly Trav