Thursday, March 08, 2007

Safety First

So if you're really observant you may have noticed that they re wallpapered our classrooms. So instead of grungy ghetto ripped creamy white we have adorable clouds which you can see in this picture of Isabel.
Doesn't she look a little bit evil here? Trust me, she is a little bit evil.

Now you're probably thinking, wow that's great. They noticed that the school needed a bit of renovations and decided to address this and spruce things up. What actually happened was that the school had a fire inspection and from what I have gathered, they did not pass all areas with flying colors. Therefore, we had to change the wallpaper and we're not allowed to put felt on the wall (well, atleast not until after the end of the month when they come back to check things out again) and each classroom is now equipped with new fire gizmos. Oh, and they made a fire escape on the second floor. I was relieved to see that it was labeled accurately.

I'd like to add that when you open this door you are presented with a small metal platform that leads to nowhere. Well, I guess that's not entirely true but it's a long way down and below it there are concrete stairs leading to the basement level of the building. I haven't heard any talk about ladders or ropes so maybe that's all we're going to get. But hey, I suppose if I had to choose between burning to death or breaking my neck I would probably use the Descending Life Line. Really, the fall doesn't look so bad.

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