Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A Return to Anarchy

Oh the fun things you can do with tiny babies. So many messes to make and so little time! Today our lesson called for paint and paint we delivered. Things were going reasonably well until Andy and Will decided to give each other makeovers.

I think they look a bit tribal, actually.

Overall, a pretty paint-tastic day.

And then the kids got to play while the paint clean up was happening (after they washed their hands, of course!). Now that I've been working with them for a couple weeks I am seeing a lot of personalities pop up. For example, Cathy is a bit bossy and doesn't really like Jake. Jake is a lone wolf and is one of those only children who have always played alone and so far he hasn't began the transition into playing with other kids. Sara is really bright and really likes me a lot (this shouldn't be a surprise considering I just said she's bright! hehehe.). Will and Andy are total buds and nothing but trouble. Will is actually going through a bit of a monkey phase now that he has learned that English word and he does a pretty hilarious monkey impression. Overall you can really see the difference between boys and girls at this age- the girls really do pick up on things quicker. The field trip tomorrow should be interesting. I am sure at least one of them will eat clay. Hopefully Korean clay is non-toxic.

(R) Lily, Kate and Janet in the toy house.
(L) Andy and Will took a brief pause from destruction to pose for this picture.

There are some more here if you haven't seen enough pictures of kids painting and playing.

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