Monday, March 19, 2007

Times are changing...

So it was just announced that Lewis Teacher will no longer be working at Little Brown and that this week is his last week. This should be very interesting and there will be a lot of changes I'm sure. I just hope they've actually found a replacement and we all don't end up working mandatory overtime to cover his classes. Or worse, work twice as hard for no overtime while they combine his classes into the ones we're already teaching so we have double the kids and work crammed into the same amount of time. Work is never dull.

Oh and we just found out that there is going to be a field trip on Wednesday. Whose brainchild was this?? Half my kids still don't respond to their English names! And none of us know all the new kids, just the ones in our own classes. So if there are other schools at the Pottery Village our kids are probably going to be lost or kidnapped. My word, this shall be interesting. Oh well, maybe I'll get to make a bowl.


Natty said...

Come up with a code word to yell so tehy all come running if there is an emergency. Though how you explain this I dont know. Maybe yell Shazam a few times in class and demonstrate running to you. Yes. That would work!

And you need a book of photos with names next to them. LIke a brag album but put their name... so you can flip through at any point.

And one more thing. If I keep reading your blog I will need to go to Uni, get a degree in something, just so Glenn and I can come and teach. I want to so badly!

ambearo said...

If we could teach them a code word then we wouldn't have a problem because they'd already know their names by now. What we'll probably do is keep a close watch on our own classes and hopefully nothing will go wrong. A book like that would be handy but you are seriously overestimating how organized my school is. Technically I haven't been told we're going on a field trip tomorrow. Elly found out because her nephew is in my class and they got letters to tell their parents.

And you should get your degree and then come out! It's a blast! You guys would love it! Does Glenn have a degree?