Sunday, March 18, 2007

Adventures in Korean Veterinary Medicine

Poor Teek has had it rough in his short little life. He's had ear mites, he's had bad haircuts and now he apparently has some kind of fungus that is similar to ringworm (which is miraculous to me since he doesn't go outside- the vet said he got it from licking our shoes). This means that he is on mega medication and Joi has had to do all sorts of crazy things like bleach floors and boil socks (because our washing machine only has a cold water setting). On Thursday I went with her for Teek's latest vet visit and was entertained by some of the products available.

I was relieved to learn that the Potato and Duck treats contain potato and duck and I like the informative sizing info on the giant bone (you'll note that at the bottom it indicates "size big".). If anyone's interested in these treats for their pet, let me know.

Oh and as we were lamenting Teek's diseases this couple came in with their poor dog. I took a picture but it's blurry since I was trying to be covert. So things could always be worse! I wonder what the heck happened to this poor dog. Maybe it's neck is too weak to support the weight of all that fur.

The vet is really nice though and speaks great English. I was a little confused when he asked, "So how's Joi today?" when we walked in but I figured he was just being friendly. As Joi later confided, when she first filled out the forms at the vet she misunderstood where she was supposed to write her name and the dog's name and as a result the vet thinks that Teek is Joi and Joi is Teek. Hahahahaha! And now it's gone on too long for her to correct him. That made my week with the hilarity.


Carter said...

Hahahahaha!!!! That is hilarious.

I never know which order to write my name so all the time at the hospital and at the dentist, they call me "Ms. Carter" as though it's my last name.

ambearo said...

Hmm the biggest problem I've run into is that "th" doesn't exist in Korean so for my last name they replace the "th" with a "d".

Also in Korean they write my name "Amba".