Sunday, March 04, 2007

Kindergarten Graduation

On Friday, February 23rd was the graduation ceremony for the kindergarten students. For some classes (Dragon, Panda, Bear and Dolphin) it was to signify their graduation from the kindergarten program and the other classes (Lion, Lamb, Tiger) it was just to announce that they were moving to the next level within the kindergarten program. By George, I've never quite experienced anything like this. I don't think there was this much fuss over my university graduation. It was quite hectic and a bit insane. Each student received a velvet folder which contained a certificate of achievement and a formal class picture (which we'd had taken a couple of weeks earlier at a photographer's studio). The kids that were leaving kindergarten were also given a present (which was a set of rhythm instruments- I'd like to know whose brilliant idea that was since 30 kids holding wrapped tambourines and triangles is a bit of a disaster during a graduation ceremony).

It was a strange day and was a little bit sad since I knew that Max and his brother Leo were changing schools and Matt and Joi's classes were moving up to elementary. Everyone was given a lot of flowers and a lot of pictures were taken. Here are some highlights.

(left) Max and I.
(right) Dragon Class graduates.

(left) Joi with my Flower Sceptre.
(right) Matt and Candy.

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