Sunday, March 18, 2007

Deja vu

So does anyone remember than when we first arrived we had a different roommate (and when he left Jon arrived as his replacement)? Well Matt Teacher is back in Korea and on Thursday he ventured all the way into Gimpo for dinner and drinks. It was very surreal and exciting at the same time. For the past 6 months he and his girlfriend had been teaching in Taiwan and apparently things were not ideal at their workplace so they cut their contract short and returned to Korea. It was unfortunate that it was a Thursday night so we had to cut our evening short but it was really fun and great to see him again. Everyone really missed him and he really missed Korea. We went for dinner at his favorite galbi restaurant and then ended up at Hudson. The pictures look just like the ones I took when we had just arrived here! It's insane!

At Hudson Paige cranked up the sex appeal and we were rewarded with free nachos!

Then Paige brought out the tiniest credit we'd ever seen and Joi did a series of poses that I'm sure Visa will be interested in for their next ad campaign.

The kicker of the night was when this group of people came in.

Yes, that is a toddler in a bar. You can't see it in this picture but they have his stroller parked on the other side of the table. Only in Korea, I tell you. Moments after I took this picture they sent the little boy over to give me a Chupa Chup. I can't make this stuff up people.

It was a fun night and Matt ended up staying over at the apartment and then coming to school to say hi to the kids. It was really cool and hopefully we get to see a lot of him now that he's back in the country.


Carter said...

Wow. That Visa ia soooo small!!! I love those pictures of Joi with the card!

ambearo said...

I was both the photographer and the artistic director for those shots.