Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Mount Everest of Meat

So I don't have much of anything important to update about. This week has been mostly uneventful (although our old roommate Matt is apparently back in Korea and we're having dinner with him Thursday) and I guess it's almost half over, so that's great.

Sunday we went to the new Home Plus (which is soooo close to our house, it was lovely) for groceries and we passed by this majestic meat mountain. We were all in awe and I had to take a picture.

It's much bigger than this picture makes it appear.

Also, tomorrow is White Day which is like Valentine's Day part II. As I've mentioned, on Valentine's Day the girls give to the boys and then a month later it's the boys turn on White Day. (Apparently next month there is a Black Day for singles. Hahaha!) So Home Plus was filled with many delicious gift ideas.
Who wouldn't want some Sexy Beauty or Nude Candy? And yes, these were on the top shelf and I am short so that's why the pictures are at such weird angles.

Matt decided (well, I told him I was expecting something for White Day- I mean, we're in Korea, it's important to respect and participate in their traditions, right??) to go the safe route though. He was a day early but I did get bragging rights since he gave them to me at work so all my coworkers saw them.
In case you can't tell, there are six red roses.

In other news, I ran out of Canadian toothpaste so I had to suck it up and take a chance on a Korean brand. Please do not taste like kimchi or contain something toxic.


Carter said...

Wow! They have White Day there, too?!?

I did a little project about White Day when I was at university and from what I read, it sounded like it was invented in Japan so I wonder if it made its way over there?

Kirsty Bryce said...

Carter, Japan and Korea are practically twins in many ways.

My theory is, this is why they don't like each other. They're like the siblings who are so similar that they constantly fight.

Nerina said...

Interesting to know.

ambearo said...

So strange that someone is commenting on this old entry. How did you find it? I don't even want to know the search terms. ^^