Sunday, March 04, 2007

Returning after a Long, Chaotic Absence

So people (well, KB atleast) have started complaining about the lack of updates. To fill everyone in, the new school year starts in March in Korea and therefore we have been unbelievably swamped at work. Our schedules have changed and have changed again (because they were ridiculous) and still they basically suck (but as the first draft of the schedule taught us, they could be worse). We're fine though, no need to worry and are basically just getting older and wiser for next time. Thank goodness the kids are so fantastic to work with.

Speaking of the kids, now with the new school year I have a fresh crop of babies (and ohmygod are they tiny) and my Lion boys have graduated and blossomed into Tigers. I will post about the graduation madness a little later on. This is pretty stressful and a little bit terrifying. I also have a new coteacher for kindergarten- the often mentioned Paige Teacher. Friday with the new kids was pretty interesting to say the least but I am sure we will figure something out and settle in soon enough. If anyone has some brilliant ideas for what to do with kids barely 4 years old who don't speak any English, I am open and willing to listen.

So this entry isn't just a large wall of text I'm going to include a favorite new picture of my darling (and now departed to a new school) Max. This was taken on February 21st when we had the February birthday party for Brian. (More pictures of that day can be found here.)

Oh Max, we miss you so much already!

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