Saturday, March 24, 2007

Momma's Got New Shoes.

So it's possible you've noticed that at school all the kids change into indoor shoes here (which isn't unlike Canada, however our indoor shoes are usually just regular shoes you only wear inside). You see these shoes on sale all over the place at every other store you pass on the street and they are really cheap. I was delighted when I realized that they make them large enough for me to wear! Actually, I don't even wear the largest size available! So now I have indoor shoes which I debuted at school on Friday. My Korean coworkers laughed and laughed at me and then Paige asked me where I got them and how much they cost because she wants to get some! So there! I am the crazy foreigner but I do the things that they want to but are afraid of looking crazy. Now that I've done it it makes it okay for Paige to do it. They are pretty snazzy and really comfortable and for being $4, plus they come with an extra set of liners! I got the pink ones but there is also blue. I think they will really come in handy during the rainy season when everything is soaked and I will have shoes to change into.


Anonymous said...

Aww cutest shoes ever!

Kirsty Bryce said...

I especially like how the inside appears to say "BOOBY". Pure class.

ambearo said...

That's not an optical illusion, it does say "BOOBY"- on the front of the shoe too, only a bear separates the BOO from the BY.