Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Traditional Food Gift

My sweet friend Kyung Hwa (경화) had offered to have us at her home for dinner some time ago. Unfortunately circumstances kept preventing that from happening so she did the next best thing and brought a bag filled with goodies on Monday night. I was actually teaching my Moms class at the time but Matt happened to see her so he grabbed her and interrupted my class for a moment. The Moms were pretty surprised about the situation and made me open the package and show them the food. Later Kyung came and explained what it was and told me that her mom made everything.

Yesterday this is what we had for lunch! At the top you can see the main dish which was meat and quail eggs (so yummy). This was the only part of the meal that was hot (other than the rice). The other dishes are various banchan (side dishes). In the top left you have the garlic cloves pickled in vinegar and next to this there is a combination of fermented mung beans and pickled plum. On the bottom left you can see sesame leaves and then next to that is kimchi, of course. It was all really delicious, my favorites being the meat with quail eggs, the sesame leaves and the kimchi. Yum! Thanks so much Kyung! I'm so lucky to have such awesome friends!


Anonymous said...

Do quail eggs taste like chicken eggs??

ambearo said...

Pretty much. It's a yummy dish I'll tell you!