Tuesday, November 04, 2008

A Mexican in Seoul

Our friend Octavio is in the neighbourhood these days. We met him way back in university when Dana was involved in the Mexico exchange through our school and Octavio was also involved. He's been staying with Dana and Curtis for the bulk of his stay and also he's zipping around to visit a few other nearby countries like China, Thailand and Japan. Anyway, we managed to meet up the other weekend for some dinner, dessert and fun in the street.
You may remember seeing these punching games before (we made a video when we went to Wolmido with Matt playing one). Since Octavio is a kickboxing instructor back in Mexico he thought he'd try something a bit different. I have to say I'm proud of Matt though since he got the high score (through punching even). Dana and I also gave it a try but I was pretty pathetic. Haha! We also made sticker pictures that night as a souvenir. Unfortunately I can't show them since they are really small and I don't own a scanner.

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