Monday, November 17, 2008

Choco Rocko Chip Cookies and Progress

It was sad leaving the party early Saturday night but it did mean that we were incredibly productive on Sunday. This has been a hard month since work has been stressful and we are trying to plan our trip afterward and we both caught colds/sinus infections. I'm still battling mine but feeling a bit better.

Sunday we accomplished the following:
  • all of the laundry (there was a lot)
  • cleaned the kitchen
  • cooked 3 square meals
  • did all the dishes
  • made the bed
  • swept and washed the floors
  • cleaned the bathroom
  • blogged for the day
  • marked essays
  • made important trip decisions
  • baked the most kick ass cookies ever
We used all the white chocolate chips and couldn't find any more anywhere so this time we used these chocolate rock candies. They are so chocolate-y and delicious!

In other news, we've been trying to figure out the logistics of our travels after we finish our contract. It's a long story (so if you're really interested in all the details you can ask me privately) but it looks like it will actually be cheaper to use our contract return ticket to go back to Canada and drop off our stuff, visit a bit (celebrate my birthday!) and just buy return tickets to Thailand than to buy one way tickets to Thailand and then back to Canada and ship our stuff via cargo. One way tickets are ridiculously expensive! Anyway, it means more travel time but I've got my awesome DS and we don't mind plane rides. We're going to talk to our manager tomorrow and try to firm things up a bit more this week. I am hoping that it's going to be a really easy, low stress week. Cross your fingers! Oh and we're still waiting to hear from our potential couch surfers so we'll see.


Anonymous said...

Those cookies look soooo goood...... mmmmmm....

Carter said...

Wow! So productive!! And those cookies look soooo chocolate-y!!!

Anonymous said...

Let us all in on your after Canada plans...Staying in Thailand how long? Visit what other countries if any?

ambearo said...

Well hello Anonymous... I will be sure to once those plans are fleshed out a bit more. Who are you? ^^