Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Out of the Woodwork

Pretty much everyone knows that we are leaving Korea at the end of next month. It's been really interesting to see who is contacting us wanting to get together. Of course, the people we regularly hang out with are on the list but there are some older friends that we haven't/don't hear from so much. This reminds me of when we left Edmonton for the first time, since the same thing occurred. I'm happy to see everyone though.

As it stands, our schedules and weekends are filling up pretty fast. That's exciting because it means that we have a lot to look forward to. This weekend we're celebrating Matt's birthday in Bundang. If you're interested in coming I think we will meet at about 5:30 pm at Jukjeon station. We're planning on dinner at a Vietnamese place that is nearby and then hanging out and eventually norae bang. We're also planning a party on December 13th so if you can't make the one this Saturday you could catch us two weeks from now.

In gimchi news, I have more gimchi. This bag has to ferment a little longer so it's by the window for 3 more days. I'm sure our neighbours must think that we moved out and some Korean people moved in just by the smell coming from our place. Today we get to try our hand at making gimchi because we have been invited to one of my Korean Moms' apartments to learn how. Should be interesting! Expect some pictures of the occassion tomorrow or the next day.

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Andy said...

That happened to me as well. Some friends left it to the last minute/randomly, and well, that didn't suit me very well. hehe.

Enjoy the rest of your time in Korea ^^