Sunday, November 09, 2008

Lunch with the Moms

On Thursday my Korean Moms took me out for lunch at a fancy traditional Korean restaurant that overlooked the Han River. It was a bit of a gong show getting there since we had to drop off B's car first and then that meant that J (who was driving) was in an area she wasn't familiar with so we got a bit lost. It was pretty hilarious actually and really interesting to see the Moms outside of the classroom. We made it to the restaurant on time and the food was delicious. I lost count of how many different courses they brought out. There was at least 5 courses but probably more. Most of the food I had tried before but never at the same time. Also this was way better quality for the most part and I did get to try sesame soup which was really interesting. I can't even describe it because I have nothing to compare it to. It tastes totally unique. We had a lot of laughs, like when they told me the joke about what ajummas and gangsters have in common or when I couldn't layer my meat on the cabbage and they had to do it for me. I got to work on time but it was tempting to skip and go to a jimjilbang, have some beer and head to noraebang like J suggested. Hahah. Don't worry, it was never a serious suggestion or consideration. I have to say that it's pretty neat having Korean Moms in my life.

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Aww I bet they are so much fun!!