Wednesday, November 19, 2008

K-Pop is Everywhere...

I'm posting pretty late today since I wasn't sure what to write about. Then I remembered the cute videos I took of random Koreans dancing to Wonder Girl songs. The first video was taken in Myeongdong and these guys were dancing in front of a cosmetic store, probably trying to attract customers.

The second video is from Halloween when we met those adorable university students and played the spoon game. The last round we upped the stakes and the loser had to dance in front of everyone. Well this is the song the girl chose (the latest Wonder Girl single). I think she was pretty embarrassed but she was a good sport (plus the bar was really quiet).

To see the original versions of both songs (in case you don't live in Korea or don't follow K-Pop), the first one is "Tell Me" and the second is "Nobody". I kind of like "Nobody". It's catchy.


Anonymous said...

Haha that video of the Korean girl dancing reminds me of when we went to that club and all the shy Korean girls were surrounding you, me and Alison!

Bybee said...

Re Nobody: That thing about the toilet paper just strikes too close to home!

Good song, though.