Saturday, November 29, 2008

Goodbye Nick!

So I thought I would change things up a bit (not blog about gimchi) and talk about how sad I am that one of my favorite students had their last day yesterday. He's going to the Philippines for a little while and will be coming back but by that time I will be finished my job. His English name is Nick and even though he's in A1 (lowest level) his English is amazing. He's a tiny kid too (short for his young age even) but really funny, clever and creative. He's the shortest boy in the picture wearing the Harry Potter glasses (they actually say Harry Potter on them).

I really like this class in general. They are all really smart, cute and hilarious. One girl is missing today. This picture is the "silly" one. I love how Max (the tallest boy) just smiled really big for his silly pose. He's an amazing artist. The boy furthest to the left (in the blue jacket) is really great too. The other kids say he looks and acts like Kung Fu Panda (he really does) and the funniest part is that I inadvertently gave him "Jack" as an English name (in case you don't get the joke, the voice of Kung Fu Panda is Jack Black).

The girls are really sweet too and this is just a lovely class to teach. I'm really lucky that most of my classes are smart, sweet and well behaved. I was lucky to be teaching this class during a really difficult day the other week. They really helped cheer me up by making me laugh with their funny jokes. Aren't they cute?

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