Sunday, December 21, 2008

Our Final Bookleaves Meeting

This meeting was over a week ago but I haven't been able to blog about it. I'm just so darn sad that we have to leave our book group. I've never tried to be in a book group before (well, some friends and I had intentions but didn't follow through in the past) and I don't think I will be able to top Bookleaves. Our last meeting was at a FABULOUS restaurant in Gangnam that I wish I had known about 11 months ago. It's called Pasha's and it serves Turkish food and it's so delicious!
We were discussing the novel Old School, which Matt and I really enjoyed. We actually read it out loud since we were a bit pressed for time (for both of us to separately read it). To tell the truth, I read the majority of it out loud because I couldn't stay awake while Matt was reading for longer than 10 minutes. Anyway, I recommend the book to anyone who likes quality literature that pokes fun at literature and examines morality in the process.

At the end of the meal Veronica, our fearless leader, showed up with the most adorable ice cream cake in Seoul. It tasted amazing! We managed to finish the whole thing after playing a game of "Never Have I Ever". If you did the thing then you had to take a bite of cake. I learned some interesting things about my fellow Bookleaves. I'm really, really going to miss them too. Look how cute Mitzi, Shawna and Susan are dressed up like wolves (huskies?). They are like a furry family. I definitely have a Bookleaves shaped hole in my heart now.


Carter said...

That cake is soooo beautiful!!!!!

Mitzi said...

And we have a Matt and Amber shaped hole! Sadness, sadness, sadness...