Saturday, December 27, 2008

Lotte World

On Tuesday we went to Lotte World. It's strange that we haven't been there more (we went once last year and once this year) because we literally live less than 10 minutes away from it. I had thought about getting a year pass but never got around to it. We chose to go on Tuesday because it was a bit warmer and I was feeling better (I've been sick for about a week now). We also thought it would be less crowded since it was a weekday. This turned out to be false since most kids are on winter vacation so it doesn't matter what day of the week it is. Oh well.

The best ride was also the first ride we went on- the Gyro drop. I'd been on it before but forgot how scary it is. I actually screamed a genuine scream and had to close my eyes for part of it. That thing is high up! I could almost see our apartment from the top of it! We wanted to go on it again but we figured it would be open until the park closed (11 pm) but as it turned out it was only open until 8 pm so we missed out. How disappointing!

As anticipated, the lines were long so I was glad that I brought my Nintendo DS to help pass the time. Matt and I took turns using it and we also sang along with the Christmas music they had playing everywhere.

Highlights included:
  • Matt "playing" the ball game when there were no employees around.
  • Looking at the Mexican restaurant that sold mostly pork cutlets.
  • Glaring at annoying teenagers (mostly boys) that kept trying to cut lines.
  • Laughing when one of these boys tried to cut line and instead smashed his head on the ceiling.
  • Reading funny graffiti and signs.
  • Seeing tiny kindergarten children and having one of them yell "Hi Teacher!" at us (we don't know these kids).
  • Lots of rides.
  • The crazy Christmas parade with the Korean dressed up as a Mountie and the fake soap sud snow falling on us.
  • Riding the carousel and feeling like a kid again, especially when they put the safety strap around my waist.
  • Ending the night by riding on the hot air balloon around the park with a family that spoke English.
If you want to see all of the pictures you can look over here. It was a great day and we were definitely exhausted when we got home and paid for it the next day when we were so sick we couldn't get out of bed. It was worth it though and possibly the best thing we did on our winter vacation this year.

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